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How one word can change your social media

How one word can change your social media

How are you utilizing your social media? Are you creating events? Showing your services? What are you promoting and why? There is something to be said for reaching out to your audience, but why are you reaching out and how?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter have replaced mailers, newspapers, and phone book ads as a best and fastest way to reach out to your audience. But what are you trying to communicate with them and why? The “WHY” is what needs to be asked every time you post something on one of these platforms. Why, does someone needs to read this? Why, do they need to click on this? Why, do they need to like this post? The “why” is…engagement. You want to engage with your audience at every opportunity.

Engagement is getting your audience to visit your page or profile and converting them from viewers to followers and then to customers. Not everything you put out onto social media needs to be an ad. Think about how many ads you see daily on TV and social media? We are constantly trying to be sold something when we just want to read an article or not being forced to watch a 30-second video to see a 20 clip of something. Engaging your audience to interact with your page is the first step to growing your reach.

Posts that engage your audience are ones that say things like, “Click like if you think Rickie Fowler will win this week” or “Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below”. This is how you turn viewers into followers and on the path to becoming customers.  Engagement Posts should be a crucial part of your social media strategy to reach out to a larger audience and grow your followers. Now that you’ve got people engaged with your page or profile you can begin the path to converting them into customers. And we do this by creating value for them through communication.

Communication with your audience via social media is a great way to inform them of what is happening at your facility. You can always schedule posts to go out at key times to try and reach the largest audience possible. Understanding your “why” when deciding when to post something is crucial to reaching the largest audience possible. One of the keys to deciding when to post is to review the analytics and see when your engagement is at its highest. Do you post something in the early evening, or do you wait until the next morning? Why post at certain times and on certain days? Are you reaching your audience at the right time or are you putting something out there just to have it out?

At Brown Golf, we study the analytics behind your posts and look at the most effective posts and how they have made it to the largest audience. Our social media strategy is designed around each facility operating independently to maximize their reach with every social media post. Blanket posts that cover multiple facilities can be useful if those facilities are within a shared market. However, people will leave your page if you are sending the same post in Maine as you are in Miami. Think about your “why” the next time you’re posting something on social media.

Brown’s portfolio now includes twenty-seven golf courses that are located in seven states: VT, PA, NC, SC, GA, MO and FL.

Brown Golf services include acquisition, leasing, third-party management and consulting. For more information about Brown Golf please visit

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